​Audit Hotline

The Auditor’s Office has concentrated its efforts to bring transparency to government spending and being pro-active in stopping the misuse of taxpayer monies. We believe that taxpayers need to know what elected & appointed officials do with your money. The Auditor’s Office has implemented a Fraud and Compliance Hotline. The Audit Hotline can be used by citizens, vendors and employees to identify and report financially fraudulent, wasteful or abusive practices within the Kane County Government. These reports can be submitted as noted below:

By Phone:630-23-AUDIT (630-232-8348)
By e-mail: auditor@co.kane.il.us

Online at: http://www.kanecountyauditor.org
In Person or
by Mail to:
Kane County Auditor
719 S. Batavia Avenue, Room 100
Geneva, IL 60134

The Hotline is another tool for increased transparency and accountability. Its success will depend on the willingness of employees, vendors, and citizens to report credible information about fraud, waste and abuse in Kane County. The Audit Hotline is used only for reporting fraud, waste and abuse. It should not be used to file complaints about a neighbor, private business or any other non-government issue.

Examples of what should be reported:

  • Theft of County resources
  • Misuse of County equipment or property
  • Improper activities by County officials, employees and contractors
  • Payroll and expense claim fraud
  • Wasteful, excessive, unnecessary or inappropriate purchases or expenditures
  • Fictitious vendors/supplies or false invoicing
  • Embezzlement

Audit Hotline Operation:

The Audit Hotline is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The Kane County Auditor’s Office manages the hotline and will answer calls made during business hours (M-F 8:30 am – 4:30 pm). Reports made to the Audit Hotline are treated confidentially, although it may be necessary at some time to convey the reported information to appropriate local, state or federal agencies.

Audit Hotline Information:

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